Thursday, November 27, 2014

2 கருத்துக்கள்:

  1. Good song with horrible voices and music direction .Please select a good music composer and music director at least for a special program like this .These two girls do not know what is Bavam in music,it is nothing but shame to allow these children. to sing in this sad occation ,they are wasting the sad feelings of the world viewers .I am sure these children have come to you tube with some idiots influence.. I am from Eellam who love the maveerar, these girls require at least 25 yrs. minimum to be trained in music before you bring them to stage a program.

  2. அருமை..ஒரு தமிழனின் ஊமைக் கண்ணீர் http://manam.online/news/18-MAY-2016/Mulli-vaaikaal-Poem-Sharmila-Thirunavukarasu


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