Thursday, September 9, 2010

மனித நேய நடைப்பயணர்: தேவகி

மனித நேய நடைப்பயணர்: தேவகி

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  1. May my Tamil race and its rich culture live long. I salute all my precious Tamil brothers and sisters who laid down their valuable lives, you foght for our freedom and we are not able to keep the lamp you lit burning. But surely and slowly our generation will keep it going. I wish you all the success in your untiring efforts to bring the culprits to the book. No doubt you will soon have your Eelam and you will have freedom from the slavery of the blood thirsty Sinhalese. The same scheming scoundrels who betray and eshew you for fear of losing their seats, examples Karunanithi and the crafy wolf K.P will come to you to seek your mercy and forgivness and at that time it is upto you either to show them mercy or punish them mercilessly


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